Bilenitech Solutions Managed Services provides an end-to-end suite of information technology infrastructure services deployed in support of our customer’s business success.

Our services are broadly divided into 5 major service towers.

Data Centre Services

Networking Services

Secure Access

Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions

Coverage Connectivity


Challenge 1: integrated networks

Conventional buildings are unable to communicate and intelligently manage or utilise the large amounts of data they generate.


Streaming building control and utility data into a shared network enables optimum management of facilities by connecting various silo systems and applications.

A converged network solution from Bilenitech allows connectivity between diverse technology platforms resulting in benefits such as cost savings, process improvements in facility automation, and more efficient real estate management.

Challenge 2: reliable datacentre infrastructure

The proliferation of network devices has resulted in an increased demand for secure and reliable datacentre infrastructure.


Companies often underestimate the challenges facing modern datacentres like increased heat and power requirements and optimum space planning. The correct design is crucial for an energy efficient datacentre with complete redundancy to various Tier levels.

Bilenitech designs, builds and maintains environmentally friendly datacentres that comply with international standards.

Building Network Towers

Systems Support

Today’s ICT infrastructure environment is complex. It spans the full converged networking spectrum, from structured cabling, fibre optic back-bones, business critical datacentres and energy management solutions to security, life safety, and personnel movement, environmental and lighting control.

Managing all of this presents a challenge to any organisation. At Bilenitech, we understand these challenges. We have the right skills and expertise to deliver practical intelligent infrastructure solutions. From integrated and converged networks, to full turnkey datacentres, Server Management, biometric identity management, energy control systems, our solutions are proven and world class.

Network users

Remote users



Datacentre application



In a connected world, your information is always at risk. Bilenitech provides world-class solutions to help safeguard your information assets. In other words, we protect the information that drives your business .We have made it our business to help our clients protect their most valuable assets: intellectual property, legal and regulatory status, business continuity, profitability, reputation, competitive advantage, physical assets, partner relations and customer loyalty.

Cloud services

Bilenitech Solutions
Cloud Services

As the foremost provider of cloud solutions through a fully managed, end-to-end, hybrid cloud infrastructure, Bilenitech offers customers a cloud solution where you have complete control over infrastructure, enterprise systems and software.
Bilenitech Cloud contains a blend of solutions allowing your business to bridge the gaps between IT challenges and business drivers – putting you in control and enabling you to unshackle your business’s potential.

Bilenitech Solutions Managed Cloud Services

Bilenitech Cloud Services give you flexibility and agility to meet your changing business requirements. They can reduce complexity and optimise your infrastructure. You can securely manage your systems, data, applications and services – without having to do it all in-house. Your cloud investment is always working as close to ideal return as possible: you’ll never be over-provisioned or under-provisioned. You get improved business efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness. So you can concentrate on customer service.


Bilenitech Solutions Managed Hosted Cloud Services

Bilenitech Cloud Services are completely agnostic.

You choose the infrastructure you want and the software systems on it.

This allows you to expand while retaining your legacy systems – there’s no need for expensive migrations and new software systems.

You can carry on using whatever you have at the moment.

Transformational Outsourcing gives choices

Bilenitech Managed Services specialises in information and communication infrastructure outsourcing, offering our customers end-to-end management of their ICT platforms. Our service portfolio extends from Procurement and includes all the IT Management and Support functions necessary to keep your business on track.

We free you to focus on your core business

Regulatory pressures and increasingly competitive markets are driving organisations to find more efficient ways to get the job done. Many organisations are embracing new operating models using external shared services and outsourcing as a means to gain greater operational flexibility and to maximise efficiency across their ICT domain.

Key to Bilenitech outsourcing philosophy is the understanding that real value is delivered through continuous improvement, innovation and thought leadership. We see outsourcing as a means by which our customers gain an extended IT competency rather than simply off-loading an IT problem.

We free you to focus on your core business

We free you to focus on your core business

Reduced Cost

As a major ICT player and Level 1 BBBEE service provider, we maintain the highest possible partner status with the World’s leading vendors which means lower cost of procurement for your business.

Skilled Resources

Bilenitech is home to some of the most skilled and experienced ICT resources on the continent. That means that we get the job done right, the first time around even in large, complex operating environments.

Scope of Solutions

Bilenitech is unique in its ability to meet all of your security requirements – ranging from the physical access control of data centres to the protection of mobile devices from one service provider.